Thursday, December 22, 2011

About Us...

I am finally writing my first post for this blog, after creating the blog last month.  I guess that tells you a little (or a lot) about me....

My name is Jennifer and I became a parent eight years ago to a daughter named Kaiya.

She was such an easy child back then!  Kaiya is now in third grade.  I removed Kaiya from school at the end of October.  We began formal homeschooling in November after spending a week without power due a huge October blizzard that is still the talk of the state. 

My second child was born six years ago.  Mark was a different child from the beginning.  He taught me that parenting an infant is NOT always easy! 

I originally planned on homeschooling both children, but right now Mark attends a school for children with autism and this is best for him and our family right now. 

When I'm not at home (or in the car) with the kids, I'm usually at work.  I'm a nurse and I work the night-shift at a local hospital.  Thankfully I only work part-time so I don't have to spend every day sleeping! 

Our family is also on the gluten and casein free diet.  It means no wheat, barley, rye, cow's milk, cheese, etc.  It's much easier than it sounds...

So... that's the background info on us!  Thanks for reading!

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